Hi, I'm Amber - I was Liz and David's first dog !

I was born on November 11th 1990 (Zorgs Amber Conquest is my full name) and Liz told me that when they collected me from my mum at 8 weeks I fitted in both her hands without much overlap. This is a picture of me on the stairs - you can see how small I was !

Like all Rotties, I grew quite quickly. And within a few short weeks I had a friend, Zola who acted as a surrogate mother for me. Like all puppies, I was a bit of a handful and I had some great times - eating the library book was definitely one of the best and chewing my way through the chair, desk and office walls was another. David never did see the funny side of it and gave me some oak to chew on but that wasn't half as much fun.

When I was about 6 months old they discovered I'd inherited something called Hip Dysplasia. It's when the ball joint of the hip isn't properly formed. Unfortunately I had it quite bad. I had an operation to reduce the tension in the joint but after that I was on a permanent diet to minimise the pressure on my hips. And since I really loved my food that was tough.

I moved to Blackpool - where I once managed to eat a whole fruit cake when Liz wasn't looking ;-) & then flew to Jeddah with Zola. We'd hardly settled into the house before we were off again to Khobar. A 17 hour drive in the back of the car with Zola and half the house. Khobar was good. Although I couldn't go for long walks we had some good areas where I could root around (I once caught a stray cat although David tried to stop me).

Unfortunately my hip was now getting quite painful and I was starting to get irritable. I know David and Liz agonised over it but when the vet (I'd never liked them) put me to sleep the pain was gone.

I see they've got another puppy now. I can assure you I was never that much trouble !

My e-mail id is amber@davidandliz.com - drop me a line.