Hi, my real name is Poirot Roxette, but everyone calls me Bella. Everyone says I'm pretty - I hope you agree ?

I was born on the 6th September 1999 in Shropshire, England. My mum is Poirot Gloria Gaynor and my dad is Quinn vom Kummelsee, who travelled all the way from Germany to meet my mum. My dad is really special - he competed at Crufts this year ! When I was 15 weeks old I flew all the way to Bahrain on my own to meet my new parents Liz and David. I was very brave and they were very surprised how self-assured I was when they came to meet me at the airport.

I settled into my new home very well, in fact I didn't even have to teach my new servants what I wanted, they seemed to know ! They feed me, walk me 4 times a day, and play with me whenever I want. I have lots of toys but my favourite is this little soft football that squeaks. I love that so much they bought me 3 of them so I never even have to search for it !

David and Liz are getting on a bit and are definitely slowing down. I could play all day but they seem to tire after an hour or so when I'm just getting going. I hope that never happens to me.

In this photo I'm 18 months old (look how I grew in the six months since that first photo was taken and just wait till you see the latest one that's coming soon !). I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and have really only got a couple of complaints. The first is that they just don't seem to understand when I pick up things from the ground when I'm taking them for a walk. They keep telling me to "drop it", "put it down, it's dirty" or ask me "why do you eat s__t ?". Can anyone help me get them out of this behaviour ? My second problem is obedience. I took them on this beginner's course and then I took David on the intermediate course. They passed the basic course but he failed to get close to passing the intermediate one - "Not enough of a bond between the dog and the pupil" the instructor said. I decided private lessons were the answer - they worked - he's much more under control ! Click here for latest news.

If you've got any advice for me or just want to say hello then mail me: bella@davidandliz.com





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