Taken in Tommy Bahamas Naples Fl March 2000

Hi, I'm David.

I was born on 23rd June in Perth, Scotland and brought up in a small town called Pitlochry, a popular summer tourist resort famous for its theatre and salmon ladder. A good place for kids.

I went to University in Dundee and graduated with an M.A. in Economics and Philosophy and ended up in Lancashire.

I joined IBM as a Systems Engineer in Manchester. I worked within various branches of the Manchester office and moved to being a salesman within the General Systems Division.


In 1980 my life changed - I met Liz in a check-in queue at Heathrow Airport. We were both en-route to holiday in Kenya. We got married on February 5th 1982 in our local registry office with just 5 guests - Liz's parents, my father, and my best man, Ernie Stene and his wife Val. We didn't want a big, expensive wedding with people we didn't know and which would prevent us enjoying OUR day.

The next big event was when we moved to Saudi Arabia (or to be more accurate I did). Liz wasn't able to join me until 6 months later. I joined Saudi Business Machines (the IBM agent in Saudi) as a Systems Engineer. Al Khobar was next - a big change from Jeddah. Them Bahrain and now I’m back in Jeddah !

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