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The Larkins

Liz's mum and dad are June and Ivan. She has 2 younger brothers, Jeremy and Jonathon. Liz's dad was a prison officer but he's now retired. They live in Cromer, Norfolk.

The Mallochs

David's mother was born Jeannie Kennedy Begg on 28th February 1926 and his father George Small Malloch on 15th February 1927. They married in 1948 and I was the first to arrive. My younger brother Gordon is 2 years younger than me. My mother died from cancer on 29th April 1969 (there are pictures of her in the photo album section). Dad moved away from Pitlochry a couple of years later and bought an old disused orphanage in Aberlour, Speyside which he converted to a hotel. He retired in 1990 and married Betty Mitchell who'd helped him run the hotel. They moved to Spain but Betty died in April 2010.

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