Latest news (2004)

June 2nd. 2004 photos are finally uploaded and online !

June 2nd. It's the Bryan Ferry concert at the Ritz Carlton tomorrow !

June 2nd. Bella has gone. She seems to have settled in UK ok but we'll let you know when we get an update.

June 2nd I was in Al Khobar last Saturday morning and got caught up in the traffic jam aftermath of the siege around Oasis compound. I got home to Bahrain a couple of hours later without even realising what was going on ! I suppose it's a bit like the IRA bombings in UK in the 70's - you can't let these things interfere with life. Apart from that I wouldn't find it easy to get a job in UK at my age so I'm rather stuck !

May 4th. I've been very busy and had almost no time to update the site. I just returned from an OKI product announcement in Berlin and in another 3 weeks I'm off to Cyprus for our Middle East distributors conference. The other news of note is that our Rotty is leaving us. She's a lovely dog but has grown increasingly uncomfortable with strangers and the absence of kennels in Bahrain (she used to board in friends' kennels but they've stopped doing it) means that we can't even go on vacation. After much soul-searching we're flying her back on 10th May to her breeder in Shrewsbury where she'll live a life of luxury in the country. She'll be much happier in a quiet environment and in a climate where she can be so much more active. We'll miss her terribly but it's for the good of the dog.

February 27th. I know - there are still no pictures of that car or the furniture ! I've been incredibly busy, travelling to Riyadh almost every week and not having a digital camera makes it so slow to get pictures uploaded. Maybe someone will buy me one for my birthday....

January 31st. Liz has a new car ! We saw a good deal advertised and it was too good to refuse. I'll leave you to wonder what it is. Pictures soon.....

January 24th. The new wall unit to match the chest of drawers has arrived. The last stuff was from IKEA and was 11 years old. It had been through so many moves it was on its last legs. The new units are much better quality, made by a local wood-working company as a better quality copy of a set we saw in Bonds of Norwich last summer - and at half the price ;-) . Pictures soon......

January 17th. Now that's more like normal: I'm in Riyadh and it's been flinging it down for the last 4 hours. Floods everywhere. Accidents galore. As a result (most of) the locals are even driving slowly.

January 9th. What weird weather: the oil-filled radiators had been brought from storage; the air-conditioning turned off; winter dressing gowns swapped for the summer ones; the Xmas tree packed up; and if that wasn't enough proof it had also rained heavily for a couple of days. Winter was definitely here - or so we thought - wrong ! It's hot, humid and we even turned the AC back on last night ! Will it last ?

January 4th. I got half way to the airport before I realised (thanks to Liz asking) that I hadn't got my passport ! Unfortunately we had plenty of time to go home so I'm now in Riyadh. The InterContinental is my second home ;-( Security on the streets is a little less obvious than recently but the hotel has installed metal detectors !

January 1st. Happy New Year !






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