Photo album (1980s)

Taken at my father's on Speyside probably in late 1980 or early 1981 with one of my father's dogs

Taken in Cheadle November 1982

These photos are 3 of a set that were taken by Dennis Hylander, a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, in November 1982.

We had the two photos on the left printed on canvas and framed.

Taken in Cheadle November 1982 Taken in Cheadle November 1982

An illegal drinks party in Jeddah (Eva Paszowski, Lynn Adams, Sheila and Bill Heelis

Skiing in Schladming

Skiing in Solden

At an IBM meeting in Strasbourg in 1986

Somewhere in or en-route to Hong Kong, June 1987

A surprise birthday present for Liz - a tour of the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental kitchens, July 1987

The driver agreed to let us take the photo without having the ride but no sooner had the shutter flashed than he was off and 5 minutes later I paid a fortune to get Liz back !

In the bar of the Holiday Inn, Phuket, July 1987 (before Phuket became popular)





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