Hi, I'm Sam.

What a fuss over nothing - give me some peace please ! I was fine until that young one, Bella, came along. I had them both trained (particularly Liz) and had the place organised just how I wanted it but now that Bella gets all the attention and I have to hide under the kitchen table to get away from her. She always wants to play and she doesn't seem at all interested in marking her territory - thank goodness I'm a male Labrador, not a female Rotty.

Until I found Liz and David I lived at the Bahrain Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with lots of other dogs. I was called Swug then, and hadn't had a very good life, (no-one wanted me although I'm really friendly with everybody, especially kids). If Liz and David hadn't come along I might not have been alive today because they can never find enough homes for all the poor dogs that are discarded in Bahrain every year. My fur was all patchy and I had a permanent itch. I heard a rumour that they went to the BSPCA to try and find a Rottweiler after Zola died but when they didn't find one they took me instead - I don't really care - I'm here now and no-one's shifting me !

I've been with Liz and David for nearly 2 years now. They're not sure how old I really am and I'm not going to tell them if you don't. It's been everything I could ask for (until recently). My fur is now lovely and soft and quite beautiful (check the picture - you'd have seen me even better if David had used less flash !) and you should see my tail ! I'm no longer a mucky brown - I'm now almost white in places. And I've put on a bit of weight too...Hopefully this new puppy will quieten down soon and let me get back to a peaceful life. I know Liz would like that too.

If you've got any advice for me or just want to say hello then mail me: sam@davidandliz.com





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