2004 Vacation

Welcome to our vacation page - half the fun is the planning and anticipation. Rather than tell you where we're going I thought I'd tease you a little first ! First some pictures and then a few clues.

Breaking news - I wrote this in 2003, uploaded it and then we had to change all our plans after we realised it was going to clash with Liz's parents' Golden Wedding (see the photos in the album section). We don't know where we're going in 2004 so I'll leave last year's plans for you to review for now.

The place we're going to is less than 2 hours by air from London. The region caters to all of our interests - good affordable accommodation, excellent food and wine, shopping, beautiful scenery with lots of things to see and do, and a pleasant Spring climate. Our hotel is half an hour from a major city famous for ..... well if I told you any one of the many things it's famous for you'd guess straight away so I'd better not say !

Our hotel has an 18 hole championship golf course, the home of its country's Ladies Open, so Liz will be putting her new-found skills and clubs to the test. There are 4 other good courses in the region so we'll work up an appetite for a glass or two of that famous wine. One last clue - 2.5 hours away by train is a city where it's definitely not worth taking your car......first correct answer with the city near where we're staying wins a postcard next year - name the hotel too and we'll even put a stamp on it ;-)





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