Hi, I'm Zola (Black Velvet).

I lived from 25/5/88 to 9/8/98 so I'm no longer around but there's hardly a day goes by that I don't think about Liz and David.

That's David I'm looking at !

It's some years since I left them but it seems like yesterday. They'd been with me since I was just over 2. I'd had a succession of poor owners until I found them through Rottweiler Rescue. I really landed on my paws there. It was a bit unsettling at first but once I worked out that they just needed lots of love and affection it was no trouble at all. In fact we got really close and they seemed to love me as much as I loved them.

I moved from Scotland to Blackpool to Jeddah to Khobar and they came with me every time. Unfortunately I developed diabetes when I was 10 but I trained them to give me my insulin every night. However, when I had to go into quarantine a few months later, when we were moving to Bahrain, I got sick and, although they tried really hard, they weren't allowed to get a decent vet to look after me until it was too late. I died after only 5 days in Bahrain without seeing the garden they'd promised me.

I'll never know how I managed to get him to pose like that for me
I've may just have had a bath but I'm still not
 going to take my eyes of that cat !

They've never forgiven the Bahrain Ministry of Agriculture and that horrible man, Khalid, who runs the Quarantine Centre, for the way he prevented them getting me proper care but I know they did everything they possibly could have.

We had many happy years together and I'm glad to see they've got 2 more dogs now. If I was still around they wouldn't be having the problems they've got with that Bella, I tell you !

Want to say hello ? - use zola@davidandliz.com to reach me.





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